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La Trobe’s Cottage
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La Trobe’s Cottage

It is impossible to think about the City of Melbourne’s attractions without mentioning La Trobe’s Cottage, a building that housed Victoria’s pioneer government.

The cottage was home for Joseph La Trobe and his family between 1839 and 1854. It is fascinating to know that the home was prefabricated in Britain before it was shipped to Australia in 1839. Initially, the cottage was located in Jolimont but has since been relocated to Kings Domain near the Royal Botanic Gardens, yet another popular tourist attraction.

La Trobe’s Cottage, Entry Prices, Hours, Location & Melbourne Tours

Even with this relocation, much of what La Trobe’s family used is still intact, serving as unique memorabilia. In fact, the dining room used by the family is believed to be the oldest structure in all of Melbourne, pointing to the reason why La Trobe’s Cottage is such a treasured relic today. A tour of the cottage gives a glimpse into the colonial era and offers visitors a feel of the lifestyle led by the administrators. This is indeed an important facet of Victoria’s colonial history.

Part of the reason for this is that Joseph La Trobe is credited with the evolution of Melbourne’s cultural practices, ranging from the construction of the museum and library to the development of expansive parklands to preserve the natural beauty of the city. Interestingly, a statue in his honour was erected in 2006, more than a century later.

Tours of the cottage can be merged with tours of the Government House. The latter is still operational in an official capacity, but visitors can take tours of the State Rooms, the Old kitchens as well as the Billiard Room. For this unique tour, visitors must make bookings beforehand. Group Tours are available all year round by appointment.

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What is the La Trobe’s Cottage address?
Cnr Birdwood Ave & Dallas Brooks Drive, Melbourne, VIC

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What are the La Trobe’s Cottage opening hours?
What are the La Trobe’s Cottage entry prices?
Adult: $5
Concession: $4
Child: $4
Families $12

Group Tour - Both Properties
Adult: $18
Concession: $13
Child: $12

Please visit our website for more information on the La Trobe’s Cottage.
What is the La Trobe’s Cottage phone number?

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