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Melbourne General Cemetery

Exploring the Melbourne General Cemetery is a must for those who love history, heritage and historic architecture.

The Melbourne General Cemetery has been operating for over 160 years with the first burial taking place on the 28th of May 1853.

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A number of notable burials have been done at this cemetery; with the long list including Sir John Gorton, former prime minister’s Sir Robert Menzies, Harold Holt and James Scullin – giving this cemetery historical significance.

Visiting the Melbourne General Cemetery will provide you an insight about the famous resting places and the significant role the Melbourne Cemetery plays in Melbourne’s history. The cemetery also offers regular tours; including a cemetery exploration and a tombstone tour. Those interested in learning more about the sculptures and notable interments should consider taking the latter tour.

A tour of the cemetery will certainly offer you a different and interesting experience as there is so much history to be taken in. You’ll surely love stopping by and paying homage to the renowned Australian personalities in their final resting places.

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