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Museo Italiano
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Museo Italiano

Museo Italiano displays experiences of Italian migrants and the culture created by Italians after their migration to Australia.

Many migrants from Italy settled in the suburb of Carlton, in the north-west of Melbourne. Carlton has a rich heritage as far as Italian culture is concerned, and what better way to savour this experience by visiting the Museo Italiano museum?

Museo Italiano Museum in Carlton, Melbourne Australia

Museo Italiano is home to numerous exhibitions that shed light on the experience of Italian immigrants residing in Australia. Through these exhibitions, visitors can make a strong connection between the culture of the Italians and their strong religious beliefs.

These exhibits also serve as a constant reminder of the evolution of Italian culture over the years, making it possible to understand the practices and beliefs of this amazing community.

Museo Italiano also paints a clear picture of the relationship between Italians and non-Italians in contemporary Australian communities. Interestingly, the museum also enables visitors to understand the identity of the typical Italian-Australian living in Carlton.

Museo Italiano is located on 199 Faraday Street in Carlton, and is easily accessible by public transport. The facility is accessible by wheelchair, and has accessible washrooms. Museo Italiano also encourages group tours provided bookings are made in advance.

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