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O’brien Group Arena

O’Brien Group Arena

If you love the idea of ice skating, then come to the O’Brien Group Arena (previously known as the Medibank Icehouse) in the popular Melbourne suburb, the Docklands.

This Olympic size ice rink is one of Australia’s largest ice skating rinks; featuring a huge arena for ice skating lovers.

O’brien Group Arena Prices & Opening Hours, Melbourne

This venue is next door to the famous District Docklands (formerly Harbour Town) Shopping Centre. So come to the O’Brien Group Arena for a fun-filled experience.

This venue is also home to many sports and events. Here, you can get lessons on several ice based sports and games; including figure skating, ice hockey and curling.

The rink includes a cafe, known as Igloo cafe, which serves a range of refreshing drinks and light snacks. Those looking for an upscale venue can drink and dine at the St Moritz Bar – a perfect choice for corporate gatherings, private functions and kid’s birthday parties.

The O’Brien Group Arena is also a popular venue for ice hockey tournaments and ice-based athletic sports; home of the Australian Olympic Winter Institute. There are lessons and programs for all enthusiastic individuals who want to learn skating or ice hockey.

For first time skaters, you can hire an aid to help you get around the ice, and head to the rink on a Tuesday for discounted admission (outside of school holidays).

To get to the O’Brien Group Arena, there are a number of trams which travel to Waterfront City. Catch the #70 Tram from Flinders Street, the #86 Tram from Bourke Street, or the city circle tram. Alight at Waterfront City. Walk along Docklands Drive and turn left at Pearl River Rd. Walk approximately 350 metres until you reach the venue.


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  • I have a 7 year old grandchild on the spectrum and she wants to ice skate. If we were to make a booking can the
    “aids” be prebooked also? Also, are you open over Easter?

    • Hi Sandra,

      The O’Brien Group Arena will be open every day over Easter (they only close Christmas Day).

      As for the aids, they cannot be pre-booked online and so you need to hire them from the hire desk inside the venue.

      Kind regards,

  • Hello, my daughter wants to organise a group of 25 kids to go skating together. How much would each person have to pay individually with skate hire? And can we ask for free lessons for inexperienced skaters? Also, do we need to make a booking beforehand?

    • Hi Tania,

      Children under 14 years are $23 each (including skate hire). So the total price will be $23 x 6 = $138.

      Non-skating spectators can get in for $4 each. So any parents that want to come along can come for this price.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Scout,

      If you just want to tackle the ice on your own you can go during a public skating time and you can stay as long as you like. Otherwise, there are timed sessions for those looking to take lessons.

      I recommend you check the public skating times before you go to ensure that there aren’t other activities (such as hockey or curling) which can impact on the use of the rink for public skaters.


  • My friends and I want to go ice skating on the holidays. I was just wondering if there only be music playing on friday; and if so, will it only be at night or throughout the whole day?

    • Hi Aisha,

      They state on their website that: “Public Skating: available from 9:00am – late everyday these school holidays under the Big Top with DJ’s across the two Olympic size rinks.” So it appears that there will be music every day.

      There are also theme nights which will run in October Commencing Friday 7 October (RnB Friday), Saturday 8 October (Neon Saturday) and Sunday 9 October (Sunday Funday). All themed events are inclusive in your one ticket price.


  • Would like to organise an evening session for the 23rd of August for a scout/venturers group. I would like to know the cost per person, aged between 15-18 years of age.

    • Hi Benjamin,

      As your nominated date is a Tuesday, there are discounted “Tight Tuesday” rates.

      All attendees (whether adults or concession) will be $11 per person – this is cheaper than the group booking rate on regular days.

      You can book online here (there is a 7pm session available), or call the arena on 1300 756 699 to book directly with the venue.

      Enjoy your time at that Medibank Icehouse!


  • Hello, do you have aids to help kids with skating for support or something they can sit on and get pushed around on?? my daughter has a mild form of Cerebral Palsy and her muscles fatigue easily in her legs so she would benefit from the use of an aid. Many Thanks

    • Hi Jacinta,

      Yes, there are skating aids available. They cost $5 per hour to hire and are similar to a zimmer/walking frame, but built for the ice!

      I hope you and your daughter have a great day of ice-skating!

      Best Regards,

  • Hi,
    I was wondering do you have a disco night? Or does one of your rinks have music playing? I am planning a disco party and was wondering if here would be a good venue to have some fun.

    • Hi Daisy,

      Unfortunately there is not currently a disco night, however there are two nights which are “theme” nights: Friday is Top 40 DJ and Saturday is “Glow Show” when all the lights are turned down and black lights are turned on, making everything glow.

      If you would like to organise a party on one of these nights, simply fill out the form here and a party co-ordinator will get in touch with more information.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Callem, thanks for contacting us.

      Yes, a group is cheaper. If you can organise between 11-30 guests, prices without skate hire are as follows:
      Adult: $18.90 pp
      Concession: $17.10 pp
      Child 6-14 years: $15.30 pp
      Child 3-5 years: $7.20 pp

      Skate hire is: $3 per 1/2 hour rental and $5 per 1 hour rental.

      Enjoy your day at the ice-rink!

  • Hi, I was looking at this for my 6 yr old child. She has never skated, I have never skated.
    A. Will there be someone telling her what to do?
    B. Do I have to be with her while she tries to skate?

    • Hi Mya,

      The skating rink is open to the public and there will not be instructors.

      There are also no age restrictions to skate. As your daughter is 6 years old, she is permitted to skate alone, however you will need to make sure you that you can see her at all times; the best way to do that is to join her on the ice!

      For beginners, you can hire a Skate Aid ($5 for 1 hour) which is similar to a walking frame for the elderly, but made for the ice. This will help her keep her balance as she learns to skate.

      If you are interested in lessons, there are free 15 minute lessons available who will take you through the basics: how to get moving on the ice, how to turn and slow down and even how to fall down safely. Contact the centre directly on Ph: 1300 756 699 to check the times.

      Enjoy your day of ice-skating!

  • My friend is a very good skater and is coming to Melbourne from Japan. She would like to join an ice dance session at Medibank Arena. Can you suggest when would be the best time to go there? Thanks

    • Hi Glenn, thanks for your question.

      Freestyle ice-dancing sessions are offered daily for independent training, or you can choose to have private lessons in any of those sessions. She would need to email the Figure Skating Academy program at [email protected] to find out dates and times.

      If she just wants to go for a one-off session, go during the week when there will be less people.

      I hope she enjoys her time in Melbourne!


What is the O’Brien Group Arena address?
What are the O’Brien Group Arena opening hours?
Public Skating:
Mon: 9am – 3.45pm
Tues: 9am–3.45pm & 7pm–10pm
Wed: 9am – 3.45pm
Thurs: 9am–3.45pm & 7pm–10pm
Fri: 9am - Midnight
Sat: 11am - Midnight
Sun: 9am - 10 pm

Please visit our website for more information on the O’Brien Group Arena.
What are the O’Brien Group Arena entry prices?
Public Skating With Skate Hire
Adult: $27
Concession: $25
Child (6-14 yrs): $23
Child (3 - 5 yrs): $14
Family (2Ad + 2Ch): $82
Family (1 ad, 2 kids): $64.50
Non-skate Spectator: $4

Please visit our website for more information on the O’Brien Group Arena.
What is the O’Brien Group Arena phone number?

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