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Princess Theatre

Melbourne’s Princess Theatre is not just an old theatre with extraordinary facilities – this grand theatre also has a magnificent history.

This century-old theatre hosts some of the best and hottest shows in Melbourne. The Princess Theatre is known for its royal interiors, with domed roofs, a magnificent facade, marble foyer and ancient Victorian lightings.

The Princess Theatre Melbourne, Seating Plan & Parking

The theatre’s name is widely known by reference to its friendly ghost of ‘Federici’. It is believed that the ghost of Federici is still residing within the main hall of the Princess Theatre. Back in 1888, the renowned opera performer ‘Frederick Baker’ died during his performance on stage. Many guests and crews have said to have seen his ghost within the theatre, and even today, a seat in the Dress Circle is left empty just for this ghost.

The theatre venue also boasts two fully serviced dining rooms for pre-show dining (The Melba and the Marriner). As one of the oldest theatre venues in the city, the Princess Theatre has hosted some of the most popular and successful stage productions; including Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Mama Mia and Cats. Visiting this century-old landmark is a must for all history and heritage lovers.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne.

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  • I am interested in purchasing tickets for the Harry Potter show at the Princess Theatre but I haven’t been to this theatre before. Could you please tell me which area (Stalls or Dress Circle) and which rows would be best to sit for this show. Also note that we are both short so we don’t want to be looking at other peoples heads instead of the show, tiered rows would be handy. Thankyou

    • Hi Alison,

      I have to say that i haven’t been to the Princess Theatre in some time, so i am perhaps not the best person to make the call on the best seats.

      Good news though is it seems many people have asked this question online, and i found these comments on another site:

      The best seats are deemed to be “That first row or two in the centre of the dress circle, although the middle of the stalls is pretty fine too. You can even enjoy a show from the front of the grand circle, but be prepared to abseil down to them from a great height. Best seats are dress circle A 19 and 20”.

      At the same time, it’s mentioned that the worst seats are the “back rows of the grand circle (the top level) since they are ludicrously high. Watching a show from them feels like peering at an ant colony from a helicopter”.

      Other comments mentioned not to be too close to the stage as you will be looking up the whole time and your view may be restricted.

      People have also commented that there isn’t much of a slope to the floor of the stalls, so if you decide to sit there, you might have to cross your fingers that no one tall sits in front of you.

      Hope this helps in some way.


  • Hello Michael,
    I have not heard from you today and I’m getting concerned. Your reply to me was in someway encouraging, but also vague.
    I am confused as to who I am dealing with. It says Ticket Master on my Eticket. but on my Credit card entry it says Viagogo. How can this be?
    If we are booked in two areas then I want to know the numbers of the STALLS seating. This is the original booking I made with Ticketmaster
    I’m not interested in taking the GCIR row M seats. We have been given them for the ridiculous price of $656.94. This was taken from my Credit card without my permission by Viagogo. The agreed price was $114.00 ea to be from Ticketmaster.
    I have no other contact with Viagogo except to say the my tickets are correct, have a good day!!
    PLease can you help me to sort this out. Can I talk to someone in Ticketmaster. Can you give me a contact number to phone.
    Can you give me the ticket numbers you saw allocated to us in the Stalls. And verify the amount we were to be charged through Ticketmaster???
    I thank you in advance of a favourable reply.

    • Hi Berenice,

      We don’t represent TicketMaster or Viagogo in any way, we are merely a Melbourne tourist information website with no official connection to any of the venues or attractions we feature. So our ability to help in this situation is extremely limited and all we can do is give advice as a fellow member of the public.

      In terms of the confusion, Viagogo is a 3rd party reseller of the event tickets that are issued by Ticketmaster, so odds are you will find that both the prices and names on the tickets will differ to what you paid and your own details. This information can be found in the frequently asked question section of the Viagogo website at https://www.viagogo.com/au/Help/Buyer.

      I know Viagogo does add some kind of service charge to their tickets, and since Viagogo is selling someone elses tickets, there is usually going to be some kind of markup on the tickets (i found this out recently when i sold tickets on Stubhub – a similar type of service).

      Once you buy tickets off a 3rd party website, i don’t think Ticketmaster can any help in any way – especially since you aren’t the original ticket purchaser (i am sure there is something in their terms and conditions that relinquish them of responsibly).

      So unfortunately, I think the only people who can help you here is Viagogo themselves, which you can contact through this link at https://www.viagogo.com/au/Help/Buyer/246. It seems you can either go through their online customer service system or call them directly, but take note that their phone number is international and they might be on a different time zone.

      Sorry we can’t be any more help.


    • I have had exactly the same situation, Viagogo should be shut down.
      It is impossible to get in touch with this company the consumer watchdog should shut then down.
      I also paid a ridiculous amount of money for three tickets double in fact, having tried everything possible means to find out if these tickets that I have purchase are legitimate is also impossible.
      the total purchase price only becomes apparent once you click buy.
      GOOGLE should be ashamed to take the money from this crooked company and put Viagogo at the top of the search engine.
      No one cares and customers are ripped off over and over again and they get away with it.
      Such a disappointment that Ticketmaster has to be dragged int this process.
      I think Viagogo should GO

  • Hi, I have been given 4 tickets within row M, numbers 36 to 39, for 29 July at 13;00. When I look on the seating plan I find that row M only goes to 37. What happens now that there are no 38 and 39? do they exist or not? What is my recourse from Ticketmaster.

    • Hi Berenice,

      I am not sure if you are sitting in the stalls or in the grand circle, but looking at the Ticketmaster website, I can confirm that your seats exist in both areas.

      The seating plans do vary slightly for each event, but all looks fine for your performance.

      Have a great time!


      • Hello Michael.
        Im some what relieved to hear that my questions are being heard and that this mess up can be resolved.
        Can you send me the Eticket information for our correct seats in the stalls?
        We wanted 4 seats together in the best available stalls area.
        I have no idea how this could have happened but we are relieved to hear that our evening in Melbourne will not be ruined. We have two guests invited with us as a special 74 birthday celebration and we are flying down from Queensland to share it with them.
        I look forward to your prompt reply.
        Booking ref. EVMM729M

  • The seating map provided isn’t quite in perspective.
    I am looking for a seat or row that would have the most amount of legroom.
    I know for example that the Dress and Grand Circle will have a solid wall in front of the first rows that I am trying to avoid.
    Would you have any suggestions please.

  • I have tickets for reserved seating, Grand Circle, Row N, Seat 31. I can’t find this on the map. Entry through Door 4. Could you please tell/show me where this is? Also I have crutches, so is it easily accessible please?

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Suzanne,

      You are in the Grand Circle which is the uppermost tier in the theatre. You are in the second-last row, 3 seats from the aisle. There is a clear map of the seating plans on our page here.

      There are numerous steps with railing up to the Grand Circle. Keep in mind that the Grand Circle is a long way up and that seating rows are steeply tiered. There are no rails down the internal aisles and the aisles’ steps are irregular.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Sharon,

      Tickets in the Grand Circle in row N or M will be up the top and right up the back. I would suggest trying to find something a little closer for your chosen show. However, these seats will be the cheapest as they will be the furthest from the stage.

      Kind regards,

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