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St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier

The historic bay-side suburb of St Kilda features a beautiful pier and pavilion; featuring a historic kiosk which was built in 1904. These century-old structures have been a part of Melbourne’s historic precinct ever since.

After suffering some fire damage in 2003, the entire pier and kiosk was rebuilt just a few years later. Now the pier offers a new and welcoming venue for all visitors who’d love to enjoy the pier once again.

St Kilda Pier Penguins, Fishing, Restaurant & Cafe Kiosk

The redevelopment project built the original historic structure on the actual site. In addition, the venue also includes a cafe for guests to sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink. The site also includes an observation deck that offers a broad and expansive view of the pier and its scenic surroundings.

This century-old site offers a scenic boardwalk and as you walk along the pathway on the pier, you’ll see some interactive panels that provide details around the history of the site.

St Kilda Pier offers a broader view of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay. Since 1950, this site has been a favourite evening stroll and fishing destination in Melbourne. The area is surrounded by a small children’s playground, picnic areas, outdoor BBQs and walking trails.

Whether it’s day or night, St Kilda Pier is the perfect venue for some seaside fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

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