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St Peters Church
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St Peters Church

St Peters Church Easter Hill is an Anglican Church that welcomes all people to come for prayer, rest and quiet.

Operating since 1847, St Peters Church is located in East Melbourne and is a popular place of worship for morning, lunch and evening mass.

St Peters Church Eastern Hill Melbourne, Anglican Services & Mass Times

The church itself houses 19th and 20th century stained glass; 19th century copies of Italian old master paintings; woodcarvings by Ola Cohn, Leopoldine Mimovic and Franciska Schubert; a lectern by the German woodcarver Robert Prenzell; and bronzes by the Hungarian Andor Meszaros. Special features of the church include the Napier Waller window in the north transept, the iconostasis at the head of the nave and the beautiful High Altar.

The church is open daily from 7am, in addition to the regular Sunday masses. There are also regular concerts, parties, dinners and other events of importance to the church community in the area. At St Peters Church, you get a warm and hospitable community that helps steer your life in the right direction.

Weddings and baptisms are also available in the church. Weddings cost around $1750 which includes the use of the Church, the celebrant, the preparation, one large flower arrangement, the organist and verger, and the initial booking fee. Catering arrangements can also be arranged through the church. For Baptism, they usually take place on Sundays, godparents must be baptised themselves and there is no fee charged. However those taking part are encouraged to support the church in other ways.

As a member of the National Trust and Heritage Victoria, St Peters Church is a treasured part of Victoria’s history. Stop by and take part in one of the services, or just stop by to view the beautiful building. You will be welcomed with open arms.

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What is the St Peters Church address?
What are the St Peters Church opening hours?
Sunday Mass:
Book of Common Prayer: 8am
Family Mass: 9.30am
High Mass: 11am
Low Mass: 6pm

Weekday Masses:
Weekdays: 7.15am
Wednesday: 1.15pm

Saturday & Public holidays
Morning Mass: 9.00am

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What are the St Peters Church entry prices?
What is the St Peters Church phone number?

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