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Station Pier

Station Pier (also known as Railway Pier) has been a vital part of Melbourne since 1854. After its inauguration, the pier became a major arrival spot. In fact, it was the pier from where Australian troops left for battles making Station Pier an essential part of the city of Melbourne from the beginning of 20th century.

Today, Station Pier is the primary port where large cruise ships arrive and depart from Melbourne.

Station Pier Port Melbourne, Waterfront Restaurants & Map

On many notable occasions, Australian troops have left from this pier to travel to other countries. This first occurred during the Boer War and later, during World War I and World War II. Also, during the Second World War, many immigrants arrived in Australia from this pier.

Historians often depict the Station Pier as a vital part of Melbourne’s rich history. Today, the pier is a heritage site and a historic landmark in Victoria. Visitors coming to Port Phillip are advised to stop by this pier for a tour as the Station Pier and its unique gate house are worth exploring.

Even during the Gold Rush, the Station Pier played an important role. Many passengers who wanted to try their luck in discovering some gold would travel to Australia during the late 1800s. All this while, the Station Pier was the sole gateway to Victoria. After the pier’s recent redevelopment, the site now includes a boardwalk, restaurants, cafe and many waterfront dining venues. Plan a tour and spend a few hours at this site. Don’t forget to try the delicious seafood meals in any of the pier’s restaurants.

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