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Victoria Police Museum
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Victoria Police Museum

Victoria Police Museum is another popular museum in Melbourne that boasts some of the largest collections of Australia’s Kelly Gang armour, along with excellent modern exhibits that include CSI forensics, social images and famous crime scene stories throughout history

This museum is predominantly focused on the police force and their journey through the past century.

Victoria Police Museum Melbourne Address & Entry Prices

The Victoria Police Museum showcases the changes and modernisation of the police department, as well as telling the stories behind the most notable events and crimes.

You’ll find exhibits from early the 20th century to the present day. The comparisons between the life of a police officer in 1920 and today is beautifully showcased through the interactive exhibits. Guests will also find many photographs, exhibits, forensic studies, real armour, weapons and videos here.

Some of the popular exhibits at this museum include the Ned Kelley gang’s exhibit, Russell Street bombing facts, infamous criminal records and forensic case studies.

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What are the Victoria Police Museum entry prices?
Entry to the Museum is by Gold Coin Donation
All money raised is used in the preservation of the Museum's iconic collections

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