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Werribee Park Mansion

The Werribee Park Mansion is set within the famous sculpture park in Werribee. This beautiful mansion also overlooks the renowned Victoria Rose Garden.

Whether or not you love history, you’ll surely love exploring this huge mansion in Victoria’s famous Werribee Park.

Werribee Park Mansion – Cafe, Hotel & Haunted Tour

Visitors of all ages are welcome to explore this huge parkland and its unique mansion. The park offers guided tours of the mansion and sculptures, where guests can learn and discover more about Victorian-era architecture, Italianate styles and royal artworks.

This huge mansion boasts over 60 rooms in its several wings; each of the rooms is beautifully adorned with Victorian style furniture and lighting.

The manor features an Italianate architectural style; designed by the Chirnside family back in 1877 and has been beautifully restored.

You will see most of the original furnishings and artworks. Even today, many rooms still possess personal items of Chirnside family – you will see their clothing, family items and furniture on display.

Those taking a guided tour will be pleased to know that the tour includes a chance to visit the onsite cafe. Guests will be offered a choice of tea, coffee, and other non-alcoholic drinks.

Adjoining the park, you’ll find the Mansion Hotel and Spa. Guests who’d like to enjoy staying near Werribee Park can stay at this luxurious 5-star hotel located right behind the Werribee Mansion.

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