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Woodlands Historic Park
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Woodlands Historic Park

To experience nature and wildlife at its best, come to Melbourne’s Woodlands Historic Park. This beautiful nature park will offer you an enthralling glimpse of diverse Australian landscapes, natural habitats and a variety of wildlife.

The park was first discovered by early European settlers back in the 1840s. Today, the Woodlands Historic Park is a famous weekend day trip and family hiking spot – only 20kms from the city.

Woodlands Historic Park Address, Map & Opening Hours

The scenic Woodlands Park features a 150-year old homestead, believed to belong to the indigenous people who once inhabited the land. The park is also home to native canoe trees, grasses, shrubs and a wide array of flora species.

Within the park, you will notice some fenced areas also known as ‘Back Paddock.’ These spots are created for visitors who enjoy watching the native wildlife in its natural habitat. You’ll see birds, kangaroos and a variety of other wildlife species within the park’s dense wooded setting.

Woodlands Historic Park welcomes visitors with vehicles between 8.30am and 4.30pm. However, the park offers all-day pedestrian access at all times. Whether it is morning or evening, you can always come here for a scenic walk, or a more strenuous hike.

The homestead within the park is also open to exploring. Guided tours offer you an insight into the history of the homestead and its native owners.

Also, don’t miss out on exploring the famous nature walk along Moonee Ponds Creek. This 1.5km long trail offers magnificent views of the local parklands and nearby creek.


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    • Hi Wendy,

      Technically I suppose it is possible, but there are no footpaths and traffic drives at 80kms per hour along Sunbury Road, so I wouldn’t walk there. Also, to navigate the park requires a car or a very long day of walking.

      Public transport in this area is scarce. The number 479 bus leaves from the airport, but only leaves every hour and will only take you to the bottom left corner of the park (near Sunbury Road) which will leave you (sort of) in the middle of nowhere. A car is certainly your best option, which can be hired from the airport.

      Hope this helps,

What is the Woodlands Historic Park address?
What are the Woodlands Historic Park opening hours?
Woodlands Historic Park is open to vehicles from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm extending to 6:00 pm at weekends during Daylight Savings.
Pedestrian access is available at all times.

Please visit our website for more information on the Woodlands Historic Park.
What are the Woodlands Historic Park entry prices?
What is the Woodlands Historic Park phone number?
What is the Woodlands Historic Park email address?

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