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Yarra River

Yarra River

The scenic Yarra River runs through some of the prime suburbs in Melbourne; beginning from its source in the Yarra Ranges and then flowing 242 kilometres west through the Yarra Valley, before it opens out into plains as it winds its way through Greater Melbourne, before emptying into Hobsons Bay.

The banks of the Yarra River boasts some of Melbourne’s most famous attractions; such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne Park, Southbank, Federation Square and many other top attractions. No wonder, Melbournians often regard the Yarra River as the social heart of the city.

Yarra River Melbourne History & Bike Trail Map

The Yarra River is definitely a famous icon of the city, with popular events like Moomba, the Melbourne Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and rowing regattas held on the Yarra.

Along the scenic banks of the Yarra River, you’ll come across a multitude of quaint and scenic settings. There are excellent barbeque spots, jetties, fishing platforms and picnic areas. Additionally, there are some excellent walking and cycling trails along the banks of the river.

In the past, the Yarra River was the primary source of water for agricultural use. Early European settlers used the water from this river for cultivation and landscaping. Due to the abundant supply of water from this river, the settlers from Europe prospered in the area. This helped in the formation of the colonial communities.

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