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Melbourne’s Collingwood is packed with many attractions, art and cultural hotspots, and shopping options for all to explore. Come and discover the local history, live music, great food and shopping here.

Consider spending a day to see everything that the area has to offer – or even better stay in one of the local hotels, hostels or apartment rentals.

Collingwood Accommodation, Hotel & Hostel Rentals

Collingwood boasts a vibrant restaurant scene, with the area lined with bars, restaurants and vibrant pubs. Guests who love fine-dining shouldn’t miss any of the top venues in the neighbourhood.

The award-winning Wabi Sabi Salon, Huxtable, Panama Dining, the Rice Queen and Easy Tiger are worth exploring. Collingwood surely has something unique for all foodies in the city.

Art and music lovers will certainly enjoy a night out. There are live-music bars where guests can enjoy an old-school live performance. The area is home to small galleries and museums; featuring a wide range of contemporary, historic and modern art on display.

Shoppers will also enjoy Collingwood as the area is home to shopping centres, vintage stores, furniture outlets, and unique markets. If you want to shop at a slightly different setting, then visit the Lost and Found Market in Collingwood.

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