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Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week

Fashion models, designers and retailers gather in Melbourne every October to celebrate Melbourne Fashion Week.

This event is one of a kind and includes runway shows, fashion parades, exhibitions, films and even workshops – all forming part of this fantastic event.

Melbourne Fashion Week 2024 Festival Dates, Events & Tickets

Melbourne Fashion Week showcases some of the latest clothing fashions, accessories and designs from some of the city’s top designers. The event also includes workshops for those who would like to grow as a designer, photographer or model in the fashion industry.

One of the many highlights is the supporting event that promotes the local retail and fashion industry. Several top designers sponsor runway events to promote their brands, and many business partnerships are often formed between brands, models and designers.

This eclectic event is one of the most celebrated events in Melbourne. After all, it’s the only event that promotes unique fashions and designs by local designers.

VIP packages offer guests a premium service with wonderful hospitality, behind-the-scenes experiences, and the best seating during the runway shows.

This event is a great and diverse platform for all new fashion models and designers to showcase their talents and further develop themselves within the industry.


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Where is the Melbourne Fashion Week located?
What is the Melbourne Fashion Week address?
MFW takes place in various locations across the city, Melbourne, VIC

Please visit our website for more information on the Melbourne Fashion Week.
What are the Melbourne Fashion Week entry prices?
What is the Melbourne Fashion Week phone number?

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