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Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic

The Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic will not run in 2018

The historic Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic is a cycling race that traverses the south west region of Victoria, through picturesque landscapes and difficult terrain.

The Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic was founded in 1895, and is Australia’s oldest race. This goes to show the value and attachment that locals have to the annual event. The one-day race is a must-attend for outdoor cycling enthusiasts.

Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic 2019 Date & Cycling Route

Just as the name suggests, the race starts in Melbourne and ends at Warrnambool, approximately 278kms away. The route used for the cycling race has been consistent over the years, but amendments to be made on an annual basis will require participants to familiarise themselves with the terrain as well as for spectators to know the best viewing points.

Typically, the race kicks off with a mass start before cyclists are separated into their respective categories, namely: NRS Riders, Grace B, Grade C and Grade D riders. Note too, that the NRS riders constitute Grade A category.

Those interested in participating in the classic are required to register well in advance. Team registration requires a minimum of three members and a maximum of eight for each team. The start location is the
Eagle Stadium and Recreation Centre in Werribee and the finish location is Liebig Street and Raglan Parade in Warrnambool.

Overall, the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic is an exciting event to experience the outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the course across different natural landscapes.


TBA - April 2019

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Werribee Sports & Fitness Centre


Ballan Road
Werribee, VIC

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