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St Kilda Festival
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St Kilda Festival

St. Kilda Festival is a nine-day event held in Melbourne and whose culmination is a summer-style celebration of arts and music along the gorgeous St. Kilda foreshore.

Part and parcel of Melbourne’s timeless tradition, the setting of the festival against the backdrop of St. Kilda’s tranquil foreshore is simply too good to pass up. Held in the Summer, the St. Kilda Festival draws close to half a million visitors each year.

St Kilda Festival, 2023 Sunday Dates & Location, Melbourne VIC

At the St. Kilda Festival, visitors get to enjoy different genres of Australian music alongside a host of fun activities to engage in. Extreme sports at the festival are a common attraction for those in need of an adrenaline rush while visual arts attract those looking for a mellow way to enjoy the event.

There are also comedy performances at various venues dotted throughout St. Kilda, so make sure to check out the event schedule to purchase a ticket.

The family-friendly festival also allows the kids to go about their day in an enjoyable manner. Several community groups are also on location to host workshops where visitors can spend some time to learn a thing or two in a fun environment.

The hallmark of the festival is ‘Festival Sunday’ held on the second Sunday of every February. On this day, the streets are closed to the public to create space for five amazing platforms to allow Australian musicians to entertain the crowds all day long.

The St. Kilda Festival is a mostly free event. There are hundreds of street performers, buskers and live music acts which can be enjoyed without needing to purchase a ticket. There are also many restaurants, cafes, bars and street stalls where visitors can purchase food and drinks. So put on your best walking shoes (and make sure to wear a hat & sunscreen) as you walk through St. Kilda and take in all that this festival has to offer.

Many streets are closed during the festival, so parking can be difficult. Visitors are best to take the route 96 tram from the city to St. Kilda Beach.

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