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Port Melbourne Beach

Port Melbourne beach is located in the suburb of Port Melbourne in Melbourne. This beach is just a few kilometres from the south-western end of Melbourne’s CBD.

The beach front area features some of the best modern homes, bay-front restaurants, hotels and a sunny bayside setting for those who love to enjoy the balmy climate and sandy beaches.

Port Melbourne Beach – Beach Street, Hotel & Dog Beach

Residential developments in this area are quite expansive. However, you’ll find a number of restored cottages and grand old pubs within this waterfront suburb.

Although Port Phillip hosts a number of beaches, Port Melbourne Beach stands atop the list. This flat and extensive beach offers safe swimming spots for guests of all ages. Therefore, families usually prefer visiting this beach – especially in summer.

Although this beach is perfect for swimming, the lack of swell means you can’t really surf here. However, guests can enjoy an array of other exciting activities; such as kitesurfing and paddle boarding.

While visiting this beach, stop by the Beacon Cove and Station Pier for a look. Take a cruise from Station Pier or just sit back and enjoy watching the huge ferries at the port.

The beach-front area also features some of the excellent choices of restaurants, hotels and cafes on Beach Street. Get your inner gastronomy satisfied with some delicious food and gourmet meals. Don’t forget to explore the swanky boutiques located along the main street of this beach-front promenade.

Beach St,
Port Melbourne, VIC

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