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Geelong Ring Road

Geelong Ring Road

Geelong Ring Road stretches for 27kms past Geelong’s suburbia, connecting the Midland Highway and the Hamilton Highway.

One of the greatest advantages of the Geelong Ring Road is that it cuts on travel time for those travelling from Melbourne to the south-western suburbs of Victoria by over half an hour. By connecting the two key highways, travellers are more easily able to access Portarlington, Queenscliff and the Great Ocean Road which are all located in the south-west of the state.

Geelong Ring Road Map & Rest Areas

Using the Geelong Ring Road, visitors to Melbourne can have access to tourist attractions along the surf coast. Along the highway, there are a number of petrol stations, rest-areas and fast food chains where you can grab a quick bite. If you would like a meal in a restaurant before you commence your travels along the Great Ocean Road, then make sure you stop in Geelong and check out the many restaurants along the foreshore.

In addition to the shortened travel time, one of the other benefits of the Ring Road has been the growth of the construction industry. With this growth, the hospitality industry has benefited from the increase in accommodation options for travellers. Parkwood Motel offers a convenient accommodation option and is located just 1.5kms away from the Geelong Ring Road in North Geelong.

One of the most important road networks in Victoria, the Geelong Ring Road is a vital connection between the Melbourne CBD and the south-west of Victoria.

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