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Melbourne Time

Melbourne is located on the south-eastern coast of Australia in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and has a GMT of +10.

In the summertime, sunrise is typically between 6.30-7am and sunset is between 8-8.30pm. In winter, sunrise is between 5.30-6am and sunset is between 6-6.30pm.

What is the current time in Melbourne Now, Sunrise, Sunset & Zone

During the summertime Melbourne has daylight savings time which means that clocks are pushed forward an hour. This means that many Melbournians spend the evenings in the warm outdoors to enjoy the sunshine late into the evening. Daylight savings kicks in at the start of October each year and ends at the start of April each year.

To compare with other capital cities in Australia, Melbourne is 2 hours ahead of Perth, 30 minutes ahead of Adelaide, and has the same time as Sydney and Brisbane. During daylight savings time, Melbourne is three hours ahead of Perth as Western Australia does not observe daylight savings.

Current local time in Melbourne, Australia

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