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Princes Freeway
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Princes Freeway

The Princes Freeway connects Geelong to Melbourne on the west side and Morwell and Melbourne to the East (along with the Monash Freeway).

The popular freeway is denoted as the “M1”, and plays a key role in connecting the city to key rural centres. As expected, the freeway is one of the busiest in Victoria and travellers using the Princes Freeway will notice the prevalence commercial vehicles using this route.

Princes Freeway Melbourne Traffic to Geelong & Morwell

Dependent on traffic conditions, it takes approximately 60-70 minutes to get from Geelong to Melbourne (75kms) and 120-130 minutes minutes to get from Melbourne to Morewell (150kms via the Monash Fwy). In cases where an incident has occurred, the time taken across the freeway could well double. That said, there are a number of exits from the Freeway and other routes through which traffic can be diverted.

These exits are divided into two: Northbound exits and Southbound exits, all of which are labelled progressively depending on their distance from Melbourne CBD. This makes it easy for visitors and locals alike to identify where they are in relation to their destination.

Major towns along Princes Freeway include Geelong and Werribee to the west and Dandenong and Morwell to the east. There are plenty of petrol stations and fast food outlets along the freeway where travellers can rest and get a quick bite to eat.

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Princes Fwy (M1), South-West of Melbourne, VIC

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