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Punt Road Oval

Punt Road Oval is a football ground located within Yarra Park, and is the main training ground for the Richmond Football Club.

This oval has a special place in football history, as it once served as the venue for the Victorian Football League.

Punt Road Oval Richmond Football Club Melbourne, History & Map

First used back in the 1880’s this oval has seen more than 500 games played on its grounds between 1908 and 1964. Today, the ground serves as the headquarters and main club of Richmond and this is where they complete most of their training sessions. The Richmond VFL team also plays most of their home games at Punt Road.

Over the years, the grounds have been redeveloped to add modern sports facilities and accommodate a wide range of businesses. Some of the sports organsations that you can find at Punt Road Oval include the VRI Fencing Club and the Klim Swim, both community-based groups.

Located just 2 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, Punt Road Oval is easily accessible by walking or by taking a short train ride to Richmond Station. When visiting Punt Road, head over to Yarra Park and check out the the statues of Sir Donald Bradman, Betty Cuthbert and Ron Barassi.

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