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Yarra Park
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Yarra Park

Melbourne’s Sports and Entertainment Precinct features a number of stadiums, cricket grounds and multi-purpose venues.

Located just 2 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, Yarra Park is easily accessible by walking or by taking a short train ride to Richmond Station. As Yarra Park is located right next to the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, it has a huge influx of visitors during the AFL season.

Yarra Park, Melbourne Map & MCG Car Parking

Yarra Park was established in 1856 and initially, the park was only used as a grazing land for police horses. Later, in 1958, the venue hosted its first Australian Rules football game.

Visitors of all ages are welcome to explore this beautiful park, with the huge parkland home to some excellent memorials; including statues of Sir Donald Bradman, Betty Cuthbert and Ron Barassi. While you wander through the park, stop by these famous statues and pose for some photos.

Yarra Park is also home to some scar trees that feature the names of Aboriginal people who were the original inhabitants of this area., known to locals as the Wurundjeri tribe.

The park features a pedestrian bridge, known as the William Barak pedestrian bridge, that connects the park with Federation Square and Birrarung Marr.

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    • Hi Di,

      Not sure if there will be big screens at the Live Site at Yarra Park this year (it isn’t stated on the AFL website), but there will be large screens at Federation Square if you would like to watch the match live nearby.


    • Hi Daniel,

      There are no barriers within the Southern Stand, so you will be able to meet friends within this area.

      A good bar for you might be the Bunton Sports bar near gate 7. It has recently been refurbished and doesn’t require membership to enter.

      I would head to the bar a few minutes before the siren though as it will quickly fill up!

      Have a great time at the Grand Final!

  • Hello, I am trying to find out how hard it would be to get disabled parking for the AFL parade? We would be coming from Ballarat and would be in around 10. Or if its possible to drop and pick up a wheelchair bound person. I understand there are three places for people with wheelchair/ disabled person. Which would be best and how would be best to get to the parade. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Hi Stacey,

      I would head straight to Yarra Park where you will be able to watch the arrival of the parade as well as the subsequent presentations. The accessible seating area will be right in front of the stage and you can enter via the eastern side of the Live Site. This means that you wont have to worry about moving around through the huge crowds to get from one location to the next.

      As for parking, this is a hard one. As far as I am aware, Yarra Park (the parklands around the MCG and where the Live Site is hosted) will not be opening for parking, as it usually does for games and other events. There are some disabled parking spots in the streets around the MCG, and you will need to get there early to secure one. Unfortunately there aren’t any parking garages located close to the MCG.

      If you have a few people going, you could drop off the wheelchair bound person and park in the parking garage at 1 Allowah Tce., Richmond (along Bridge Road). They have Weekend Casual Parking for $3.00 Per Hour, $6.00 Max (12 Hours). It is about a 1km walk back to the MCG which should take around 10 minutes.

      If you would rather watch the parade from the city, just note that there are some road closures, so parking may be limited. A parking garage along the route may be your best option.

      I hope you have a great day at the Grand Final parade!


    • Hi Robyn,

      Accessible parking is available in Yarra Park, subject to capacity. Access to the gates open at the following times:
      Gate 3: 3.00pm
      Gate 5: 4.00pm
      Gate 6: 4.00pm
      Gate 7: 7.00am

      Vehicles must display a valid accessible parking permit to obtain access. Enter through any of the usual entries at Yarra Park with your disabled sticker displayed and indicate to the ground staff at entry that you require disabled parking. They will direct you to the accessible parking locations.


  • I am taking 4 boys to the footy which I’ve never done before. I am looking to park in the Yarra park carpark. Our tickets entry is gate 5 or 6. Can you provide me with a very easy map to follow? Thanks Lizzy

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Parking at Yarra Park is on grassland, so the parking areas are not defined. To keep things in order, you will be guided in by attendants who have become very skilled at organising Yarra Park into a makeshift car-park twice per week.

      You are best to enter via Brunton Avenue for gates 5/6. I have attached a link to an image of the MCG to give you some guidance.

      Having been a football regular and parking in Yarra Park for years, two things to note:
      1. The earlier you get there, the closer you will get to the MCG. The furtherest you will have to walk will be about 1km, if you get there early (around 1 hour beforehand), it will only be 100 metres or so. With 4 young boys plus bags etc, you may wish to be as close as you can get!
      2. First cars in = last cars out. So although Brunton Avenue is closed down after the match to only allow cars from the carpark to exit, it can often take 30 minutes (or more) to get out. So if you get right up the front, you will have to wait a while to get out. Just prepare the kids for the wait.

      Have a great day at the footy!

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