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Box Hill

Box Hill is a small suburb located 14kms east of Melbourne. A popular residential suburb, Box Hill is a very multicultural suburb with a high concentration of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian residents.

It is for this reason, that you will find heaps of international restaurants dotted throughout Box Hill.

Box Hill Melbourne Vic, Hotel Motel Accommodation & Shopping Centre

Box Hill is also well known for the Box Hill Institute (TAFE) located here which offers higher education for mature aged students. Box Hill Institute offers courses at Undergraduate, Graduate and Masters levels in biotechnology, animal science, music, music business, fashion, business and IT. They also offer a number of vocational courses including hospitality, health, beauty, automotive, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, business,art, graphic design and English. There are also a number of public primary and secondary schools located here.

Box Hill is home to Box Hill Central which is a shopping mall which houses a Woolworths supermarket, BIG W, clothing stores, shoe stores, hair and beauty, electronics, homewares, banks, bakeries, butchers, fresh fruit and vegetable stores and delicatessens.

For health services, there is the Epworth Eastern Private Hospital, there is a police station, and there are plenty of green spaces to enjoy with Box Hill Gardens and Surry Park great places to spend in the outdoors.

Box Hill has a reliable transport network as it is a major hub close to Melbourne. The town’s railway station is located close to the shopping centre, and is served by the Lilydale and Belgrave lines. There is also a bus station that connects the town to various suburbs across Melbourne. Tram services are available with route 109 serving the area and leading to Port Melbourne through the CBD.

If you are looking for accommodation in Box Hill, there are a couple of hotels and motels including a Best Western. Click the link below to explore the range of accommodation available.

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