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Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour is located adjacent to Melbourne’s Docklands and features include piers and waterfront promenades within the area.

Victoria Harbour has recently become a popular attraction in Melbourne as city dwellers and visitors often come here to relax and dine in during the weekend and on holidays. The harbour is home to many popular restaurants, cafes and many entertainment venues. Why not stay just outside the CBD in one of the many new accommodation choices, that include plenty of luxury apartments & hotels.

Victoria Harbour Accommodation, Apartments & Hotels

Today, Victoria harbour is an iconic precinct in the city like no other. With world-class residential buildings, open and spacious green spaces and beautiful waterways with tree-lined walking paths, the area has everything that visitors could need. The residential buildings sit side by side along the beautiful waterway of the harbour, giving the suburb a decadent cosmopolitan feeling, matched with relaxing harbour views.

Victoria harbour reflects a unique lifestyle. The residential community is quite popular and the high-rise apartments here are modern, lavish and absolutely beautiful. Recreational activity options include scenic walks, leisurely activities for kids, dining and shopping. During school holidays, groups of kids take part in water-based activities where they learn rowing, canoeing, swimming and many other activities.

Shopping and dining options at the harbour include a variety of unique choices. In fact, Victoria Harbour has one of the most versatile burger bars in the city, which include traditional beef burgers, as well as fish and seafood burgers. A range of international cuisines is also available for all foodies; including Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.

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