Cooks Cottage

Cooks Cottage
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Melbourne’s serene and picturesque Fitzroy Gardens is home to the renowned Cook’s Cottage. This historic establishment dates back to the 1755, with history depicting the original cottage was actually built in England.

Later, Sir Russell purchased it as a gift for the Melbournians and the State of Victoria. In 1934, the cottage was moved to Melbourne from Great Ayrton – the year when the city celebrated its centenary. The shipping included brick by brick transfer of the original cottage.

Captain Cooks Cottage Address & Opening Hours, Melbourne

Even after so many years, the Cooks Cottage is still in its original shape. In fact, the city council has dedicated a special site within the Fitzroy Gardens for this historic establishment.

As so many years have passed since its restoration, the cottage is now covered with the original ivy from England. The particular site boasts a range of towering trees of tall European species.

Unquestionably, this historic landmark is one of the city’s oldest that visitors will love to explore. To learn more about this historic cottage and Captain James Hook’s renowned story, plan a tour to this beautiful spot. At the cottage’s onsite discovery center, you’ll find interesting artifacts about Captain Cook’s voyages, his life and his fateful end.

Cooks Cottage Information

Fitzroy Gardens,
230 - 298 Wellington Parade,
East Melbourne, VIC
 Operating Hours:
9am to 5pm
Phone: (03) 9658 9658
Email: [email protected]
  Ticket Prices/Admission:
Adults: $6.50
Concession: $5
Children (5-15yrs): $3.50
Family (2Ad + 2Ch): $18

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