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Fire Services Museum of Victoria

The Fire Services Museum of Victoria displays some of the country’s greatest collection of fire-fighting equipment from years gone by.

The organisation is committed to preserving this memorabilia for posterity’s sake as well as to showcase Australia’s prized exhibits in this field.

Fire Services Museum of Victoria, East Melbourne Opening Hours & Price

It is interesting to note that the over 10,000 fire-related items collected and displayed at the museum are collected both countrywide and across the world. Lots of memorabilia and related items are also showcased at the museum.

During your visit to the Fire Services Museum of Victoria, you will have the opportunity take a tour with a volunteer. Most volunteers are retired fire fighters who will be able to explain what their work entails as well as the history of fire fighting in Australia.

The award-winning museum is also home to a shop where you can purchase fire fighting souvenirs and memorabilia. There are fire fighting demonstrations for a couple of days throughout the year, but prior booking is mandatory. This certainly is the highlight of a tour of this unique museum.

Please note that the Fire Services Museum Victoria has two locations; the main Museum is located in East Melbourne and the Restoration Workshops are located in Newport. The Newport location is open to the public by appointment only.

39 Gisborne Street
East Melbourne, VIC

Operating Hours
Thursday & Friday: 9am to 3pm
Sundays: 10am to 4pm

(03) 9662 2907

Ticket Prices / Admission
From $9.00

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