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Myki is the Melbourne public transport ticketing system that uses a reusable smart card which can be retained and cash is loaded onto the card to pay for travel.

The Myki system requires travellers to which you can load with cash to travel on trains, trams and buses.

Where to buy Myki Card or Pass & Ticket Fares – Recharge & Top Up

A Myki card can be purchased online or by calling 1800 800 007. Both options require 24 hours for processing. Otherwise, you can purchase a Myki card from any staffed Metro stations, such as Flinders Street and Southern Cross Station, as well as some VLine Stations.

The Myki card requires the user to have enough cash on their card to complete a full trip (around $6 for a daily adult ticket and $3 for a daily child/concession ticket). You can load money on your card online or by using one of the machines located at every train station and most tram stops.

Concession discounts are available for those with valid concession cards including Pension Card holders, Students and Seniors.

To use the card, simply “touch on” and “touch off” to indicate the length of your journey. For train travel, you will touch on at the platform before boarding the train and touch off as you leave the platform of your final destination. For Flinders, Southern Cross, and the city loop services, there are barriers where you can touch on and touch off.

For tram and bus travel, you must touch on inside the tram or bus at the start of your journey and touch off before leaving the tram or bus as you alight at your stop.

There are free tram zones located within the CBD and if travelling within these zones, you do not need to touch on or touch off. See the image below to see the area that this covers.

Ticket inspectors routinely patrol trains, trams and buses, so make sure you have enough money on your Myki to cover your trip and make sure to “touch on” and “touch off”.

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