Western Ring Road

Western Ring Road

The Western Ring Road, informally referred to as the M80 Ring Road, is a freeway in Melbourne that connects the suburbs in the northwest to each other without the need for having to travel through the CBD.

As the Western Ring Road also links other freeways; including the Tullamarine freeway, the Hume Freeway and the Calder Freeway, it is a critical part of Melbourne’s transport infrastructure as it helps manage freight traffic from various roads, and channels this traffic to the outer suburbs.

Western Ring Road Map and Travel Times, Melbourne

To the east side of the Western ring Road are a number of suburbs which are connected to the Western Ring Road through the Metropolitan Ring Road. These two freeways join to make a long single freeway which stretches from Greensborough in the north-east to Laverton in the south-west.

For travellers, the importance of the Western Ring Road is that it can make travel to the airport from the north eastern suburbs very easy as the Western Ring Road joins with the Tullamarine Freeway which services the Airport.

The total length of the Western ring Road spans 38kms. Across the freeway, one of the most notable features is the EJ Whitten Bridge that crosses over the Maribyrnong River which has stunning views, particularly at sunset. Average travel time across the M80 ring Road is half an hour, which increases during rush hour.

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