Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

Melbourne is home to many old mansions and buildings. Sources claim that many visitors have spotted ghosts at these mansions during nights. To explore these mansions, Melbourne tour operators offer ghost tours, lantern ghost tours and mid-night ghost tours. These tours are conducted at specific areas in Melbourne. A number of ghost tours are conducted near to the China Town. Tour guides will take you through old houses and mansions where you will learn more about the historic facts and old residents of the house. If you are lucky, you may spot a spooky spirit within the mansion.

Melbourne Haunted Lantern Ghost Tours

The lantern tour will also take you the some of the popular haunted properties in town. Some tours will take you to the theatre where the famous opera singer Federici gave his last performance. These tours are also informative and you can check out some of those multi-award winning ghost tour companies in Melbourne that offer ghost tours in Victoria. Some tour operators will also take you to the abandoned morgues and cemeteries in Williamstown. This historic city also includes a number of haunted properties that you would like to explore.

These lantern tours will give you the opportunity to explore historic sites and discover the darker side of these properties in Melbourne. Some of the popular sites included in the tour is the Altona Homestead, the J Ward Asylum, the gentle William’s town and some abandoned cemeteries in Victoria. Pre-booking is always necessary, just contact the tour operators for more details. As most of these sites don’t offer public access, you can only tour the properties with these guided tours. You can join the group for a group tour or opt for a private tour just for you and your group. These tours will take you to some hidden lanes, narrow pathways and cemeteries. Guests with claustrophobia shouldn’t opt for such tours.

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