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Ghost Tours
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Ghost Tours

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Melbourne is home to many historic mansions and buildings and to explore these mansions, Melbourne tour operators offer ghost tours, lantern ghost tours and mid-night ghost tours.

These tours are conducted at specific areas in Melbourne and a number of ghost tours are conducted near the famous Old Melbourne Gaol and Pentridge Prison.

Ghost Tours Melbourne, Old Melbourne Gaol & Pentridge Prison

Old Melbourne Gaol Ghost Tours are offered Thursday, Sunday evenings and take visitors through this famous jailhouse which housed some of Victoria’s most infamous criminals. The tour runs for approximately 1.5 hours where you will be led by a guide who will tell you all the spooky tales associated with this dark and scary place.

For those interested in getting a look inside Melbourne’s most infamous prison, head up to Coburg and go on a tour of Pentridge Prison. This tour runs every Sunday evening and visitors will be taken inside the prison to learn all about Ned Kelly, Chopper Reed and Ronald Ryan. There are 44 bodies buried on site, so you may be in for a spooky encounter! The Pentridge Prison tour lasts for 2 hours and you will be led by an experienced guide.

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