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Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens

The beautiful Alexandra Gardens are nestled on the banks of Yarra River – so visitors will able to access the quite gardens easily as the gardens are within a short walking distance of the Melbourne CBD. In 1904, the Alexandra Gardens were a part of the Domain parklands, where there was historic rowing boathouses, shrub gardens and ornamental gardens.

Even today, this serene park setting is an idyllic venue for relaxing, going for a run or even just enjoying nature.

Alexandra Gardens City Address, Parking & Run, Melbourne

Alexandra Gardens boasts five hectares of lush landscape, with visitors often admiring the lovely views of the scenic Yarra River from these gardens. Most parts are bounded by the Yarra River and those driving to the gardens can find parking along St Kilda Road and surrounding streets.

One of the most popular attractions are the century old boathouses. Visitors often come here just to view the boathouses in all their glory.

The Alexandra Gardens offers some of the most admirable scenic views of the nearby areas. here you can see some of the most notable buildings and landmarks of the Melbourne CBD; including Federation Square, The Arts Centre and Birrarung Marr.

Due to their historic significance, these gardens are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. Even though the gardens offer pedestrian and bicycle access, cyclists are advised to follow the designated pathways.

One of the most popular cycling trails is the Capital City Trail along the charming Yarra River.

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  • Hello,
    My fiance and I are wanting to invite a few people to have a picnic here in mid october. We do not know numbers but are choosing a public space as we do not want to be limited. Do we need a permit?


    • Hi Liv,

      If you are only having a picnic with a small-ish number of people, you don’t need a permit.

      The only time you really need to get a permit is if you are undertaking something commercial, having a wedding, or requiring something special for your event.

      Please note though that it’s first-come, first-serve, so try to get their early to secure a spot.


  • Me and my friends are planning to hang out together in Alexandra Gardens, about 20 people. Do you have any limitation on the number of people or any general policies? because we might bring our own foods there but definitely we’ll tidy up after then. And, is it also free for a group of 20 people?

    • Hi Isabella,

      I have checked the council’s websites and their different policies and I think you will be fine.

      It does mention you need a permit if you are hosting anything with over 50 people, but assuming you aren’t running a commercial event and selling anything, my opinion is you are exempt from needing any kind of approval or permit.

      Have a good time.


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