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Chinatown, Melbourne

Chinatown, Melbourne

Melbourne’s vibe undoubtedly has a very multicultural flavour and many ethnic restaurant districts to choose from. No doubt Chinatown is the most distinctive and popular in Melbourne.

It is believed that Chinese immigrants moved here during the times of the gold rush days in the 1850s. Today, Chinatown is considered as the longest continuous Chinese settlements outside of China itself.

Chinatown Melbourne Restaurants, Yum Cha & Dumplings

When it comes to Chinatown, you can help but think about the delicious dumplings and mouth-watering yum cha lunch. Chinatown in Melbourne is home to a wide array of traditional Chinese and Asian restaurants. Visitors are invited to sample the very best authentic Chinese and Asian food right here in the city. In addition, the area also features a range of traditional bars and tea shops.

Many visitors often stop by just to check out the unique sculptures and grand arches. Those interested in taking in a bit of history can take a tour to explore the area’s oldest establishments; including 19th-century buildings and museums.

Experience Melbourne’s vibrant nightlife as the sun goes down. Enjoy breathtaking scenes of the illuminating lanterns, neon lights and traditional Chinese lamps beneath the streetlights of Chinatown.

Every year, Chinatown proudly hosts food festivals and the world-famous Chinese New Year festivities.

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