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Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
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Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Melbourne’s well-known nightlife can be found in a number of pulsating areas. Whether it’s the popular Acland Street in St Kilda or the renowned Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, each of these spots has something unique to enjoy.

This pulsating street offers a diverse array of things to see, do and experience.

Gertrude Street, Fitzroy Restaurants, Bars & Shops

Gertrude Street is not just about the nightlife. Guests of all ages often come here in the morning just to relish in a hot breakfast at any of the gourmet cafes and restaurants. Choices include a variety of gourmet restaurants, cafes and patisseries offering delicious pastries, coffees, full-course continental breakfasts and tasty brunch menus.

Families and couples will be pleased to know that the street is also home to some excellent lunch spots, gourmet pizzerias, upscale Italian restaurants and traditional Aussie dining venues.

The street is lined with vintage shops and costume stores; including contemporary fashion clothing stores, and even a number of art galleries. While the street offers a variety of galleries to choose from, the Gertrude Contemporary and Dianne Tanzer Gallery are two of the most popular.

Art enthusiasts can also stop by the Australian Print Workshop to check out some contemporary works and Artisan Books. Also, don’t forget to check out the vintage fashion stores here.

If you want to buy anything unique, browse through the street’s quaint shops, bargain stores and high-end boutiques.

While one of the areas is lined with art galleries and vintage shops, a part of the street is dedicated just for nightlife. With all sorts of bars, pubs and restaurants, the street offers an energetic nightlife to visitors.

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