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Unlike any other suburb in Melbourne, Fitzroy has its own unique flair. This beautiful suburb has a pulsating setting, beautiful streets and unique activity options for visitors. Perch yourself in a street side bar on Brunswick Street or take the Art Walk to explore the suburb’s renowned art and culture scene.

Fitzroy truly offers something unique for every guest – whether it’s nightlife, art, music or food. Why not stay nearby in any of the accommodation choices, and take your pick of any of the quality apartments and hotel rentals.

Fitzroy Accommodation, Apartments & Hotel Rentals

Those who love shopping can always come here for an enjoyable experience. Selections of vintage shops, unique boutiques and fashion stores are close to endless.

The nightlife scene in Fitzroy is creative and enjoyable. Within this bohemian enclave, you will find a heady mix of bars and nightlife spots. Head to the bars on Smith Street and have a great night out. Enjoy classic cocktails at any of those upscale pubs and bars.

Vintage themed pubs are some of the best attractions in Fitzroy. The Attic, Frou Frou, Black Cat and Labour In Vain are some of the top picks of the area.

Restaurants in Fitzroy also have something special to offer. Local chefs offer a creative, yet traditional menu featuring endless varieties of delicious meat and vegetable dishes for you to enjoy. Those in a hurry can always choose a take-away breakfast and lunch from any of those small cafes and restaurants in the area.

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