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Melton Wave Pool

Melton Wave Pool

The Melton Wave Pool is a large indoor swimming facility located in the large western suburb of Melton, just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

With its signature wave pool offering the most fun, there are also a huge range of other activities to enjoy including an indoor heated pool, toddler pool and spa.

Melton Wave Pool, Pool Admission Prices & Opening Hours, Melbourne

The main highlight of the recreation centre is the wave pool which runs approximately every half an hour. With alarms to warn swimmers when the waves are about to start, kids prepare themselves to jump over, swim under or simply allow themselves to bob in the water. With a feeling like you are at the beach, without having to worry about sand, the wave pool is definitely a great way to spend an afternoon.

For those just wanting to bring their kids for a swim, try the 25 metre heated pool or the shallow toddler pool which is perfect for the little ones. If you or a family member is just learning to swim, lessons are also offered here for both children and adults. During the warmer summer months, the 50 metre outdoor pool is also open.

There is also a gym and spa located here, and group fitness classes are run regularly. Circuit classes, body pump, and cardio boxing are all popular and you can join in on a casual basis if you wish.

There is a cafe located on site where you can purchase hot snack and cold drinks as well as coffee and ice creams. There are also clean changerooms and toilets available.

The Melton Wave Pool is best reached by car as the Melton Train Station is 3.5kms away. However, taxi services are available from the station.


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    • Hi Leanne,

      Looking at the official website, it looks like they don’t actually use the terminology of hydro / hydrotherapy pool, but looking at other websites, it looks like it corresponds to what they call their “Warm Water Pool” – which they state is “Heated to 36 degrees, and perfect for relaxing or for gentle exercise if you are overcoming an injury or have a condition that benefits from the support and warmth of the water”.

      It’s also stated that the Warm Water Pool is included in the swim entry fee, so there is no extra cost to use it.

      As for classes though, it’s not really mentioned on their website about classes occurring in the Warm Water Pool, but rather just aqua aerobics, which looks to be in the lap pool.

      I am not sure what your age is, but to access the pool, it’s Adults at $8.70 and Concessions at $5.60. If the water-based classes fall under the category of casual gym entry, they are Group Fitness Class Adults at $15.50 and Concession $11.80.

      As for the second part of your question, spectators are $2.80 each.

      Sorry, i couldn’t give you an exact answer as i do find their website lacking on their exact class prices and it’s confused further by their memberships. I could suggest giving them a call on (03) 9747 4333 and you should be able to get a definitive answer.


What is the Melton Wave Pool address?
What are the Melton Wave Pool opening hours?
Monday to Friday: 5am - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 6pm
Closed Christmas Day

Please visit our website for more information on the Melton Wave Pool.
What are the Melton Wave Pool entry prices?
Adult: $8.15
Child: $5.45
Child (under 4): Free
Spectator: $2.60
Concession: $5.25
Family (4 ppl): $18.75
Family (6 ppl): $25.05

Please visit our website for more information on the Melton Wave Pool.
What is the Melton Wave Pool phone number?

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