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Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week

Fancy a cold beer the Australian way? Make plans to attend the renowned Good Beer Week, an event that aims to promote and encourage the appreciation of Good Beer to a wider audience.

The nine-day long event was designed with the aim of highlighting various craft breweries as well as educating both locals and visitors on craft beer. This event is one of the reasons that Melbourne is considered to be the beer capital of Australia.

Good Beer Week 2022 Dates & Tickets, Gala Festival, Melbourne VIC

Good Beer Week offers an amazing platform for not just local craft brewers, but also for players in the hospitality industry. During Good Beer Week local brewers and the food and beverage industry can showcase themselves to the rest of the country.

Numerous events are planned across Melbourne and Victoria which showcase various types of craft beers created both locally and overseas. To encourage more people to discover a love for beer, the program is divided into many streams to make it easier for attendees to discover what stage of their good beer experience they are at Pint of Origin, Foodie, Good Times, Beer Lover, Beer Geek and Active Beers.

A number of different food stalls, cafes and restaurants also get involved in Good Beer Week, so there are plenty of opportunities to try some good beer with some great food. Good Beer Week also encourages local bands to get involved, with many local venues hosting live entertainment during the festival period.

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Festival Hub: Beer Deluxe at Federation Square Trade Hub: Federation Square, Melbourne, VIC

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