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Sandridge Railway Bridge

Sandridge Railway Bridge

The Sandridge Railway Bridge is an iconic landmark in Melbourne as it effortlessly links the city’s rich past to its charming present.

The first steel bridge to be constructed over the famous Yarra River, this bridge has always provided a seamless connection between Port Melbourne and the city.

Sandridge Railway Bridge Melbourne, History of Sculptures & Location

Historically, Port Melbourne was where thousands of immigrants first landed after their arrival in Australia. The bridge traces its history back to 1888 at the peak of the ‘marvellous Melbourne’ era. This was when the vast wealth of the goldfields gave rise to a four-decade gold boom.

Sandridge Railway Bridge however, lost its lustre and was closed in 1987 before the Victorian State Government redeveloped it to the remarkable attraction it is today. Walking on the bridge gives visitors a chance to walk back in time and imagine what life was like for the immigrants.

Nothing captures this best that a series of stunning sculptures aptly referred to as ‘The Travellers’. These giant steel sculptures tell the story of the immigrants as they journeyed to Melbourne in search for a better life and a new home.

The significance of the bridge in Melbourne is not lost on locals, as it is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, and is considered to be of national significance.

The Sandridge Railway Bridge is a short walk from Flinders Street Station and is therefore easily accessible within the CBD via public transport. You will find the bridge right near Crown Casino and Crown Towers on the Southbank side of the Yarra River.


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