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Wattle Park
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Wattle Park

Wattle Park is a large parkland located in the suburban town of Burwood, just 18kms south-east from the Melbourne CBD.

The park is home to hundreds of wattle trees, sporting venues, alongside historic buildings and flowers that bloom in season.

Wattle Park – Chalet Wedding Venue, Golf Course & Tram, Burwood VIC

Whether you want to enjoy a picnic with friends, or keep up with your fitness regime by jogging the park’s grounds, Wattle Park is the perfect place to do so. Enjoy a walk around the ponds, or have the kids play hide and seek among the huge gum trees. The park is also an ideal place to take your pet for a walk provided they are on a leash.

For those bringing their kids along, bring a picnic as you can enjoy the free gas barbecues, playgrounds and picnic tables on site. There are also clean public toilets in the park. There is also a 9-hole golf course on location as well as three tennis courts.

For those interested in history, visit the Chalet. Built in 1928, the Chalet is a popular wedding venue and is open to the public for an array of functions and events.

The Lone Pine is also a prime attraction at the park, a tree that is believed to have grown from a cone collected by one of the country’s soldiers during the First World War. Other services at the park include accessible toilets, a playground and tram shelter.

You can access Wattle Park in a car via Riversdale Road, or take public transport via tram route 70 stops close to the park’s entrance.

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