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Boxing Day Test

Boxing Day Test

Australia’s annual sports calendar is not just confined to the AFL Grand Final and Australian Open. It also includes motor racing events, marathons and international cricket matches.

Certainly at the forefront of the sporting calendar is the internationally-acclaimed Boxing Day Test match.

Boxing Day Test Melbourne Australia, 2021 Dates, MCG Tickets & Seating

This annual event is held the day after Christmas on December 26th every year, running over the course of 5 days. The test match is held at the MCG, one of the most popular sports stadiums in Australia.

This famous cricket match is held between the Australian cricket team and another international cricket team. Usually, the opposing team happens to be the one that is touring Australia for the summer that year.

This iconic cricket game is enjoyed not only by the Aussie fans but by many other enthusiastic cricket fans from all over the world. Every four years, the test match is played as part of the 5-match Ashes series with England.

A number of notable events have occurred during this iconic cricket match; including the 700th test wicket taken by the legendary Australian Shane Warne. Based on past performance, Australia has a great record of winning these matches.


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  • Good Morning,
    I was hoping to get my fiancée tickets for the Boxing Day Test Match this year… I know nothing about cricket but was wondering where the best seats would be and when tickets would go on sale?!? And do you offer travel packages?
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Jodie, thanks for your email.

      Tickets have not been released as yet and I am unable to find the date of release from the official providers.

      If you sit in the Southern Stand, you will have the sun in your eyes for most of the day, so I would recommend sitting in the Olympic or Ponsford Stands. Ground level is best.

      We will offer tickets later in the year once they are released, but also offer accommodation in Melbourne which can be booked now. We don’t combine tickets and accommodation for a package deal, as we find prices of package deals can be artificially inflated and you are more likely to get the best priced accommodation through “Booking.com” (our affiliate).

      Check back in a month or two as we will be notified of tickets when the are released and will update our link.

      All the best,

What date is the Boxing Day Test?
What time is the Boxing Day Test?
Day 1
Member Gates Open: 8:30am
Public Gates Open: 9am
Match Start: 10:30am

Day 2
Member Gates Open: 9am
Public Gates Open: 9am
Match Start: 10:30am

Day 3
Member Gates Open: 9am
Public Gates Open: 9am
Match Start: 10:30am

Day 4
Member Gates Open: 9:30am
Public Gates Open: 9:30am
Match Start: 10:30am

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Where is the Boxing Day Test located?
What is the Boxing Day Test address?
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