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Australian Open

Australian Open

Melbourne’s extensive list of sporting events also includes one of the four major tennis world Grand Slams, the Australian Open. Usually held In January every year, Melbourne hosts this tennis tournament at Rod Laver Arena, Margaret Court Arena and the surrounding courts of Melbourne Park.

Visitors of all ages come here to witness their favourite tennis stars in action, the only Grand Slam tennis championship held in the Asia Pacific. The Australian Open is considered one of the world’s top Grand Slams based on prize money, popularity, tradition, and world rankings.

Australian Open, 2025 Tennis Dates, Ground Pass & Finals Ticket Prices

Melbourne hosts this famous tournament at the start of every year and draws visitors worldwide, with most of the main notable matches held at the Rod Laver Arena. The tournament is held in January every year, so it’s the first Grand Slam title of the tennis season.

This summer, the Australian Open main draw will begin on Sunday, 12 January and run for 15 days until Sunday, 26 January, giving fans more opportunities to enjoy world-class tennis and entertainment.

As this is an elimination event, booking a ticket to see a particular player is not possible, as the next day’s schedule can only be announced the night prior. This tournament is a highlight of the nation’s summer sporting event calendar.

The free tram services on Route 70 from the CBD to Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena make transport to the Australian Open easy. You only need a valid Australian Open ticket for that day to catch the free tram. The service operates until one hour after the end of the play. Trains are also convenient, with Flinders Street, Jolimont and Richmond Stations within easy walking distance. From Flinders Street walk past Federation Square via Birrarung Marr along the Yarra River and follow the signs. Limited car parking is available, so those choosing to drive should arrive early.

Parking at the National Tennis Centre can be purchased as an upgrade when booking your tickets. Please note parking is limited and must be pre-purchased.

Public parking in Yarra Park is available for $10, payable by EFTPOS only. Please note that cash can no longer be accepted, and vehicles unable to pay via card will unfortunately not be allowed entry to Yarra Park.

Car parking in Yarra Park is subject to capacity. We advise that you arrive early to secure your parking, as capacity may be reached before the start of the match.

Since the match schedule is forever changing based on previous match results, please check out the official event schedule here for the full list of upcoming matches.

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    • Hi Nola,

      I have to admit that the information wasn’t easy to find since there is no mention on the official website’s ticket page.

      Delving deeper into their FAQs though, it does state:
      “A limited number of AO22 Ground Pass tickets will be available. More Ground Pass tickets may become available closer to the event.”

      There are still no details on what date the tickets will go on sale, so all i can suggest is following their Facebook page or one of their other social media channels so you will be notified as soon as tickets go on sale.


  • I’d like to order a 4 day package for the first week of the Australian Open. I understand that they go on sale 9am AEST Is the purchase by phone or on-line? Am not sure of the process . I live in Canada. Thank you.

    • Hi Judy,

      Usually you can purchase tickets online or through a retailer. Be that you are overseas, online would be the best way.

      I would say that the Australian Open website will update all of their links on the day to allow you to buy tickets for the 2019 event (right now it appears you can only buy tickets with the attached dining options).


    • Hi Jaime,

      Not much information really exists out there really explaining the 2 types of tickets, but going through the ticket booking process, a single-session ticket enables you to visit on either day or evenings events on a single day, while multi-session ticket enables you to attend either day or evenings over multiple sequential days (usually between 2-4 days in a row).

      Hope this helps.


    • Hi Nick,

      Looking at the official website, it’s now mentioned that tickets for the 2019 Australia open go on sale:
      – Multi session tickets on sale from Wed 3 Oct, 9am AEST
      – Single session tickets on sale from Tue 9 Oct, 9am AEST


  • What does Ground Pass provide? Does it mean just have access to walk around but not for watching any matches? If so, do I need to buy the ground pass AND ticket to a particular arena? Why one arena ticket is more expensive than the other one?

    • Hi,

      There is no information listed on the official Australian Open website as of yet, as tickets don’t go on sale until October.

      Looking at the 2018 event, ground passes give you access to Hisense Arena, Show Courts 2 and 3 and also the outside courts.

      Additional to tennis matches, the ground pass also gives access to the AO Live Stage, AO Ballpark and more (this will usually be announced closer to when tickets are on sale).


    • Hi Alan,

      It doesn’t look like you can buy ground passes just yet and have to wait until October 2018.

      As for prices, nothing has been released for next year, but if this year was anything to go by, you can expect them to be around $49 for the first weekend, and $59 for the middle weekend.


    • Hi David,

      Margaret Court Arena tickets include access to a reserved seat within Margaret Court Arena as well as all outside courts including Hisense Arena and Show Courts 2 and 3, as well as all the entertainment on offer on Grand Slam Oval, Garden Square and around the Melbourne and Olympic Park precinct. There is no access to Rod Laver Arena.

      Best regards,

  • Hi,

    1.- Does the AO tickets can be purchased on the AUS open web? or must be always thru TIcketek or Ticket Master?
    2.- When I purchase a ticket can I chose an specific seat, or are sold by section aleatory?
    3.- Usually what I read tickets are on sale on OCtober, how fast usually takes to run out the tickets since the first day they are on sale?


    • Hi Rafael,

      The Australian Open tickets are sold through the official ticket seller Ticketek only.

      Tickets are sold by type (ground pass, premium seats). If you want to purchase a seat for a final, then the “best available” in your chosen price bracket will be presented to you.

      The tickets do run out fast for finals, so best to plan and be ready when ticket sales open. Ground passes won’t sell out as fast, so you will be able to get those for most days right through the Australian Open Tournament.

      Best regards,

      • Hi Jess,

        I live in Mexico, but I will attend to AO 2019, but Ticketet do not works on the browsers that I have, I asked to a friend to try too , and he had the same results. Are tickets going to be on sale on ticketmaster australia too? that web is much more friendly and works perfectly.


        • Hi Rafael,

          Ticketek is the official ticket seller for the Australian Open. Ticketmaster resale might have some tickets that go online, though they will be inflated in price. Maybe you could get a VPN and set your location for Australia? That may overcome browsing issues with Ticketek based on region.

          Best of luck

  • Hi,

    Mistakenly I bought a Ground Pass for the men’s final…
    I realized later on that the ground pass it’s only for open court…
    Do you think can I still use to watch the final on the screen or something ?
    If yes, I would like to do the same for the last week of the tournament.


  • Hello,

    I’ll be in Melbourne during round 4 and quarter finals, but I was told that all the best tickets are sold on pre-sale.
    Is this information true? Or if I wait until October for the general public sale, can I still find good seats available (ex. Category 1 seats)?

    Thank you so much,


    • Hi Marcelo,

      Unfortunately, yes. Many of the premium seats are purchased during pre-sale or by corporate clients, sponsors and the like.

      You can still get good seats during the public sale, but it is best to put the dates in your diary (once released) and try and purchase them as soon as they go on sale. Rod Laver Arena is a large stadium, so seats in the Upper sections are fairly far away. That said, other courts are much smaller, so you may prefer to attend a match at Hisense Arena or Margaret Court to get a little closer for a cheaper price.

      Hope this helps,

  • Hi,
    I can’t take too much time off from work in January but would love to see Federer play. Would you know when the draw will be released or when would be the best time frame to book in order to see Federer play?


    • Hi Dilee,

      The draw wont be announced until the weeks leading up to the tournament. If you are confident in his ability to make the finals, then I would book for the last few days of the tournament when all the finals will be played (around 25-28 January).

      Kind regards,

  • I realise that the Ground Pass tickets for 2018 aren’t being released until October this year. Just as guide for pricing, I’m wondering what the Ground Passes cost for kids and adults in 2017 please?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Tracy,

      The 2017 pricing for the Australian Open were as follows:
      Ground Passes (+Hisense Arena): From $40
      Margaret Court Arena: $41
      Rod Laver Arena: $77
      Men’s Final: From $403
      Women’s Final: $199

      Kind regards,

  • You say tickets wont go on sale until October/November so why are they on sale on various internet sites now
    And the prices you quote above are they the price as the other sites are dearer. As we are travelling from North Qld and have flights etc to book I/m now a bit confused

    • Hi Elva,

      In my other comment, I am quoting the official price as advertised on the Australian Open website. The tickets from third party sites will always be more expensive than the official website as the third party sites charge a commission fee.

      If they are on sale already from third party sites, they have probably bulk purchased from the Australian Open and bank on people wanting to book early to charge a premium rate. If you want to purchase from the official seller, then you will need to wait until Ticketek has them on sale in October/November – the prices will be cheaper.

      Hope this clarifies things for you.

      Kind regards,

  • Please provide information including prices on Seniors ticket packages you have available now. We are interested in premium seats and would like a ground pass and tickets to the both mens and womens events and to the Mens final. I am interested in tickets to Rod Laver and Margaret Court Arena and I believe the Hisense tickets are included in the pass. Can you advise? Thank you

    • Hi Irene,

      Tickets wont go on sale until late in 2017 (October/November). We will provide a link from this page once tickets go on sale. So maybe bookmark our page and check back with us later in the year.

      The 2017 Australian Open did not offer seniors tickets, however if you have a concession card, you are entitled to a discount on selected entry tickets.

      So to answer your question, there are no ticket packages available as of right now and I am not aware of pricing for the 2018 event. Please check back with us in a few months.

      Kind regards,

    • Hisence ticket are included but you have to queue up for the unsold seats in the arena on that day.
      Better to buy Hesense tickets and sit there most of the day. More shade than other stadiums.
      Also you get more matches than Rod Laver Arena.
      Plus you can also wander around the outside courts (like you can with all other tickets)

    • Hi Robert,

      Tickets wont go on sale until late in 2017 (October/November). Ticketek has been the official ticket seller for years, so I assume they will be the official ticket seller for 2018.

      We will provide a link from this page later in the year once tickets go on sale. So maybe bookmark our page and check back with us later in the year.

      Kind regards,

    • Hi Paul,

      Super Row seats are the front row seats in the lower level
      Category 1 seats are located at the end of the court (lower level)
      Category 2 seats are located on the side of the court (lower level) and the first eight rows of the upper level at the end of the court
      Category 3 seats are located in the upper level.


    • Hi Kathleen,

      I have checked their mailing countries and it appears that yes, they can be.

      Usually Viagogo offers E-Tickets as well as mailed tickets. However it appears that for Australian Open tickets, mailing is the only option. They state: “Secure and tracked express delivery – We will notify you by email when tickets have been dispatched. Signature required on delivery.

      So simply follow the link here to the Australian Open and put in your home address.

      Have a fantastic time on your holiday and enjoy your time in Melbourne!


  • Hi, I am planning a trip to watch Australian Open 2017, I notice that the official sale of ticket will be in early October. I just wonder why there are a few website that are selling tickets now? How does it work? I am from Asia and grateful if anyone could advise a safe way to secure the tickets.
    Thanks, Bella

    • Hi Bella, this is a great question.

      Ticketek Australia is the official partner and ticket seller to the Australian Open. They will have the biggest range of tickets available for all events during the tournament. As you say, their tickets are not yet on sale.

      There are also a number of other authorised sellers of Australian Open Tickets. They are allocated a certain number of tickets from the Australian Open and are selling them right now. They will charge a higher price.

      I hope you enjoy the Australian Open 2017 season!
      Best Regards,

        • Hi Bella,

          The Viagogo tickets are sold for more than through Ticketek. As an independent reseller, Viagogo set their own prices and booking fees. Depending on the event, sometimes ticket prices can be only a few dollars more and at other times, popular tickets that are hard to come by can sell at a premium price.

          If you want the cheapest ticket available, you are best to wait and purchase through Ticketek. Just note that Ticketek also places a number of fees on top of their ticket prices including a “payment processing fee” which applies around 2% of the total price to the transaction if you are using a credit or debit card; and a “service/handling fee” which is charged at around $5-6 per transaction. However it will still work out cheaper than Viagogo.

          The benefit in purchasing from Viagogo is that you can secure the tickets you want for a particular date now without having to wait. Otherwise, you can wait and save some $$. It is entirely up to you!

          I hope this helps!


    • Hi Lauren,

      If previous years are an indication, tickets wont go on sale until around the first week of October.

      Check back as we will update our link to purchase tickets once the 2017 season tickets are available for sale.


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