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Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Brunswick Street is a pulsating venue that boasts a Bohemian culture, where you’ll witness hippies, hipsters, cool shops and even the trendiest of restaurants.

Brunswick Street is a place where you’ll find everything ranging from fancy shops, great dining and vibrant nightlife.

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Restaurants Bars, Cafes & Shops

If your idea of a perfect Melbourne experience is all about eating, shopping and just letting loose, then come to this beautiful street; nestled in the inner-city suburb of Fitzroy.

Brunswick Street offers an edgy mix of the trendiest and finest boutiques and stores. You’ll come across an array of a retro clothing store, galleries, coffee shops and restaurants. This means you’ll find everything you need at this one-stop destination.

Explore the vibrant restaurant scene of this pulsating street and see for yourself why many Melbournians often regard Brunswick Street as the home to the city’s coolest cafes and boisterous bars.

You will also find some excellent home stores selling arty decor, unique crafts and a range of handmade jewellery choices.

Brunswick Street’s wide selection of restaurants offers something suitable for everyone. Whether it’s a tasty brunch or a lavish dinner, you’ll surely find something unique here.

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