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Yarraville is a dynamic suburb located in Melbourne, just 8 kilometres west of the city. The suburb’s local government area is located in the City of Maribyrnong.

What was once a working-class suburb has since undergone gentrification to allow for developments that result from its proximity to the city.

Yarraville Village Melbourne VIC, Shops, Cinema & Hotel Accommodation

Even with these remarkable changes, Yarraville has still maintained its charm. Perhaps what gives the suburb its allure is the quaint Yarraville Village tucked way close to the Yarraville Railway Station. This part of the suburb is popular for its excellent architecture and variety of shops and cafes.

The village is located on Ballarat and Anderson streets. These streets are lined with renovated buildings that date as far back as the 19th century, alongside a number of simple cafes and restaurants with tasty treats. Some of the cuisines available in Yarraville include Greek, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Italian. This is, in part, a reflection of the cultural diversity in Yarraville.

An afternoon stroll at Yarraville Village is incomplete without visit to the refurbished Sun Theatre. An iconic landmark in the suburb, the theatre boasts art deco architectural style alongside its 6 cinemas. Additionally, the many retail shops nearby provide visitors with the chance to shop for just about anything, from works of art to trendy clothes, groceries, pastries, gifts and souvenirs.

Yarraville is serviced by a reliable public transport network via the Williamstown Line that links the suburb to different parts of the city. The Yarraville Train Station is located right in the centre of the village region, and takes just 20 minutes to get here from the Melbourne CBD. What’s more, there are multiple bus routes in the suburb including, but not limited to route 223, 409, 411, 412, 414. 431 and 432.

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