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Holiday Apartments Melbourne

Holiday Apartments

Accommodation is a key part of any travel itinerary, which is why a holiday apartment in Melbourne city is a good idea, especially for large groups.

Just as the name suggests, these are apartments that travellers can rent during their stay in Melbourne. The popularity of private apartments has increased over the years, following a surge in the number of vacationers travelling in groups.

Melbourne Holiday Apartments – Southbank, St Kilda & CBD

One of the best features about holiday apartments is that the cost is relatively affordable when compared to conventional hotel rooms. In addition, staying at a holiday apartment offers the opportunity to live like a local.

Travellers wishing to stay within the Melbourne CBD will find a range of holiday apartments along St. Kilda Road and Southbank precincts. St. Kilda Road is accessible by tram and has stunning views as well as a range of restaurants and bars in this area. Southbank is sits along the Yarra River and is within walking distance to Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and Crown Casino.

Those looking to stay in St. Kilda can also find a large number of holiday apartments in this area, as St. Kilda is a popular area for tourists and there is a growing demand for holiday apartments in this location. If you decide to stay in St. Kilda, you will be close to the beach, luna park, restaurants, bars and a pulsating night life.

There are a myriad of options when it comes to booking a holiday apartment in Melbourne, so click the link below to find the best deals on holiday apartments in Melbourne.

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