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Brighton Bathing Boxes

Brighton Bathing Boxes

The Brighton Bathing Boxes are located along Dendy Street Beach in Brighton and constitute one of Melbourne’s most colourful attractions.

Brighton is a leafy beach-side suburb nestled 11kms south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. An affluent suburb, Brighton has some of the most expensive residential properties in Melbourne.

Brighton Bathing Boxes Melbourne VIC, Price for Dendy Street Beach Box

Constructed more than a hundred years ago, the 82 boxes are a testament of the values of Australians in maintaining these important cultural icons. The bathing boxes were constructed in around the 1840’s and were constructed in a time when it was popular to visit the beach, but Victorian ladies needed somewhere to protect their modesty while they changed.

The distinct box designs have stayed true to the authentic Victorian architectural style complete with frames made of timber, iron sheet roofing and covered in weatherboard. But perhaps what stands out the most is the delightfully coloured embellishments that characterise each of the boxes.

The boxes are owned by local residents and cannot be purchased or rented by overseas travellers. Only those who live in the suburbs of Brighton are permitted to own one of these boxes. Some of these boxes have been valued or sold at over $200,000 each.

As expected, the Brighton Bathing Boxes are a popular photography subject, so make sure to carry your camera and snap away these iconic structures whilst visiting Brighton Beach.

The Brighton Bathing Boxes are located on Dendy Street Beach, about 13 kilometres from Melbourne CBD. Paid parking is available at the beach, and the area is easily accessible by sea, bus, rail and road.

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