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Flemington Racecourse

Flemington Racecourse

When it comes to horse racing in Melbourne, Flemington Racecourse is often the first venue that comes to mind – this is because Flemington is the largest racecourse in Melbourne and has been in operation for over 160 years and is the longest course in Australia.

Apart from being a horse racing venue, Flemington Racecourse was also placed on the National Heritage List in 2006.

Flemington Racecourse Events, Address, Map & Parking

Flemington Racecourse hosted its first racing event in 1840, and at that time, the course was located beside the rough river flats. Today, the site is a nationally renowned racecourse that hosts a number of notable horseracing events every year.

The 320 acres includes main tracks for racing, as well as areas for spectators and a main pavilion. The race events held at Flemington run counter-clockwise, which may be unusual for those coming from overseas or even interstate.

Flemington racecourse is also a popular venue for horse training, with many of the best horse trainers in Victoria having stables near the racecourse. As the course has a fully equipped training venue, trainers are welcome to bring their horses.

Flemington Racecourse is the major event venue for all kinds of horse racing, with one of the most notable events held here – the world-famous 3200 metre Melbourne Cup. This racing event is the largest horse racing event in Australia; so much so, Victoria has declared Melbourne Cup Day as a public holiday.

Referred to locally as “the race that stops the nation”, the Melbourne Cup is attended by over 100,000 spectators and televised to over 650 million people worldwide. Therefore, visitors from all across the world come to the Flemington Racecourse year after year to enjoy one of the biggest horse racing events in the world.


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  • Hi, My name Wendy and we have tickets in the Lawn Grandstand but it has no alcohol admitted.
    so does that we aren’t allowed at all or we can by some at the bar.
    Cheers Wendy Jackson

    • Hi Wendy,

      I have done some searching and i can seem to find any information about alcohol – aside from not being able to bring your own in or having to be over 18.

      Reading the terms and conditions, all i could find was “For the comfort and safety of persons at the Course, You are not permitted to bring into the Course (or have in your possession at the Course) any of the following without the written consent of VRC; alcoholic beverages, glass containers or open beverage containers.

      With that, i would assume they will search bags upon entry to the course. Based on the fact there is a bar behind the stand and alcohol seems to go hand in hand with the race days, it does seem weird if alcohol wasn’t allowed.


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