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Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre

The Forum Theatre is renowned for its unique look and architecture; featuring Romanesque statues blue-sky ceiling, ornamental dacor and unique structures.

The Forum Theatre creates an illusion of an open-air venue, where you can watch comedy, dramas and live concert performances.

The Forum Theatre Melbourne, Seating Plan & Parking

The venue’s uniqueness and magnificent architecture fascinate many visitors. Many Melbournians often regard this theatre as the home of live music and rock concerts. The venue has hosted a number of live performances of top bands and artists; including Katy Perry, Mark Watson, Ozzy Osbourne and Oasis. In addition, the venue also hosts an array of comedy shows and also holds cinema screenings.

Melbourne’s annual Film Festival and Comedy Festival shows are also held at the Forum Theatre; attracting guests from all around the world.

Seating plans will vary based on the type and size of each event, but here is an example of a past event held at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne.


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  • my husband must have a seat at concerts. but when i try to book tickets for concerts at your venue the section and seat number are very unclear and the floor plan on any site I have tried does not have seat numbers and rarely shows the sections. how can i be sure he is sitting at your venue when i am purchasing tickets..
    regards Dee

    • Hi Dee,

      The seating configuration at the Forum Theatre changes depending on the show. Some concerts have standing room only, whilst other shows such as comedy performances often have seating on the main floor.

      If you require a seat, I would suggest contacting the Forum Theatre directly on (03) 9299 9800 which is the disability booking number. They should be able to advise you as to the seating configuration for your chosen show.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Megan, thanks for contacting us.

      The Forum theatre does not have a single seating plan as they change configurations depending on the event. Some events such as concerts are ‘standing only’ general admission, other events such as comedy shows have seating added to the ‘general admission’ area.

      I suggest you contact the ticket provider for the event you are planning to attend (such as Ticketmaster or Ticketek), who should be able to assist you with the seating for you planned event. Otherwise, I would suggest contacting the Forum Theatre directly on Phone: 03 9299 9860 or Email: [email protected].



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What are the Forum Theatre entry prices?
Prices vary according to the season and event.

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What is the Forum Theatre phone number?

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