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Jewish Museum of Australia

Melbourne’s collection of museums also includes the Jewish Museum of Australia. This renowned and award-winning museum represents the immigration, rich history and diverse culture of Jewish people.

This museum is particularly focused on the Jewish culture in Australia.

Jewish Museum of Australia, Melbourne Holocaust Museum

The entire museum is full of many interactive displays, historic artifacts, exhibits and photographs. You will see many motion pictures depicting the first European settlements in Australia and their reason behind it.

The museum exhibits also include a number of temporary exhibits; including Judaism’s rich history and growth in Australia. In addition, you will also see an array of permanent exhibits, with permanent artifacts established to celebrate popular Jewish holidays.

Visitors of all ages will find this museum unique and interesting. Come here to discover the traditions of Jewish culture and immigration to Australia. You’ll also get an opportunity to learn more about the life of Jewish people in Australia and their contribution to Australian culture.

Some of the notable permanent exhibitions at this museum include the Australian Jewish History Gallery, the Timeline of Jewish History, the Jewish Year, the Belief & Ritual of Jews and lastly, the famous coin collection of Kalman Katz; featuring many ancient and modern Israeli coin collections.

Come and explore each of these unique artifacts and exhibits at this popular museum in Melbourne.

26 Alma Road
St. Kilda , VIC

Opening Hours
Tues – Thurs: 10am–4pm
Friday: 10am – 3pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Phone Number
(03) 8534 3600

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