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Kingpin Laser Tag
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Kingpin Laser Tag

Head into the Crown Entertainment Complex on Southbank for a fun night out with your friends and try Kingpin Laser Tag.

Laser Tag is an adrenaline-packed activity perfect for visitors looking for a thrilling adventure right in the heart of Melbourne.

Kingpin Laser Tag, Crown Casino Melbourne, Prices & Party Bookings

Be prepared to lose yourself in the modern underworld, complete with contemporary lighting, state-of-the-art ramps and tunnels as well as integrated lighting for an adrenalin-pumping experience. This maze of activities makes laser skirmish a perfect destination for the whole family. The more the merrier, so make sure to bring your friends along as well!

On arrival, you will be provided with battle vest and gear before all the fun can begin. If you are heading with your friends up to 24 players allowed in the arena at any one given time. So you can form a group and battle it out against your best friends (or worst enemies!) The laser tag activity is suitable for people aged 6 and above and does have dark spaces and flashing lights.

Other services provided at Kingpin Laser Tag include themed parties, group events, team-building exercises as well as staff rewards.

So come on down to Kingpin Laser Tag at Crown Entertainment Complex and spend a fun day in the city!

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Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman Street
, Southbank, VIC

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