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Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central

Melbourne’s shopping scene offers an eclectic range of options; including high-end shopping malls, flea markets, local shopping centres and factory outlets.

Melbourne Central is among the city’s most popular upscale shopping centres that feature over 160 specialty shops, bars, restaurants, a food court and even a cinema!

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre Stores & Opening Hours

This glass-dome building boasts a multitude of shops, a railway station and even the historic brick Shot Tower. The Shot Tower dates back to the year 1889, with the building housed within Melbourne Central’s dome. The tower’s dome also features a giant fob-watch and Australian folk music.

Those planning to take public transport can catch a train and reach the shopping centre from the underground Melbourne Central station.

Melbourne Central offers shops and stores of all kinds. If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive promotions, discount coupons and codes via email. You will also stay updated on any upcoming events.

Melbourne Central is stretched over an area equivalent to two city blocks. So whether or not you love shopping, you will surely love exploring what the shopping centre has to offer

This huge shopping mall is the perfect stop for all shopaholics in town.

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