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NGV International

NGV International is a part of the National Gallery of Victoria; founded in 1861 when the NGV public gallery was established. However, this particular gallery later became popular when it featured a number of impressive collections of international artworks. This gallery encompasses a vast array of international art works including Egypt, Rome, Greece and many European countries. A number of significant artworks of Pre-Columbian period are also spotted here at this gallery.

NGV International Melbourne, Parking & Opening Hours

In recent years, this international section of the NGV has expanded at a fast pace. With an array of new exhibits and collections, this art gallery now has several new sections including fashion, textiles, photography and Australian Aboriginal art. An array of art exhibitions are also hosted here at the NGV International. A majority of the exhibitions feature some of the works of famous international master artists including Picasso, Monet and Vermeer.

NGV International is amongst the oldest art galleries in Australia that feature international artworks and exhibitions. Art lovers will surely want to visit this gallery and explore its wide collection of some of the world’s finest artworks and paintings. In 2009, the NGV International was the 20th most visited art gallery in the world. So if you are an art enthusiast, you will certainly love exploring this internationally renowned museum in Melbourne.

Visitors of all ages become art lovers when they witness the presence of world’s most admired and popular art works at the NGV International. Some of its collections also include excellent artworks of pre-Columbian period. There is also an Oceanic gallery here at the NGV that features some exquisite collections of the indigenous cultures around the Pacific area.

Amongst the collection of international paintings, you will find some exotic artworks of many European and British artists. In total, there are nearly 16,000 international prints, artworks and drawings in the European category. There is also an Asian decorative arts section that features up to 4,000 works representing the culture, lifestyle and arts of Asia.

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